Analysis and design of construction structures with SAP 2000 version 14. Software Episode 2: Analysis of bridge construction

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Author: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Trung, MSc. Nguyen Lan, CE. Truong Minh Phuoc.
Publisher: Construction. 2013. Number of pages: 416
Langgues: Vietnamese. Address of document: VT.001878 - Library of Science-Technology and Construction
The content of Volume 2 refers mainly to the analysis and design of bridge structures.
The book is structured into 10 chapters as follows:
Chapter 1: Overview of some features of SAP 2000 V14.
Chapter 2: Basis for designing bridge span structures with SAP 2000 V14.
Chapter 3: Audit of pier pillars.
Chapter 4: Bridge deck design according to continuous beam model.
Chapter 5: Preliminary design of suspension suspension bridge.
Chapter 6: Design of regular reinforced concrete girder bridges.
Chapter 7: Auditing simple prestressed girder bridges.
Chapter 8: Preliminary design of steel girder suspension bridge bridges.
Chapter 9: Calculating Extradosed bridges.
Chapter 10: Calculation for continuous load testing of box girder bridges.
Practical examples are compiled in great detail so that you can read step by step the application of SAP 2000 V14 application skills to analyze and design bridges.

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